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Manumission is undoubtedly one of the worlds biggest, most successful,
most infamous and most unpredictable club nights!! Expect the
unexpected is the name of their game and even after 12 years of proving
what they do best every Monday night at Privilige, they're not content
with playing it safe - Manumission will officially move to Friday
nights at Privilige from 21st July to 22nd September.

Since taking Manumission from Manchester to Ibiza in 1994, Manumission
have continually pushed the boundaries. They claimed Monday nights at
Privilige and have kicked off the week in style for the past 12 years!!
Now in their 13th year, the Manumission promoters (Andy & Dawn and Mike
& Claire McKay) have decided to do what they do best - take risks and
shake it all up..yet again!

Mike McKay of Manumission said: 'We've proved Manumission time and time
again - it's the biggest and most exciting party in the world. We
arrived in Ibiza with that attitude that there's no need to live just
for the weekend, so we decided to claim Mondays and start the party
then..and the party has only got bigger and better since! Last year we
launched Ibiza Rocks on Fridays - it was a huge challenge that brought a
brilliant and addictive vibe. This year, Ibiza Rocks will come live from
our bar, Bar M throughout the week, but we got a real taster for the
Friday nights at Privilige, so we're going to keep doing them with
Manumission...why not..a change is as good as a holiday and Ibiza is the
perfect place to do both!